Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mad for Mangos!

We are so lucky to be here during mango season!  I can't say that I was a mango fanatic before arriving to Thailand but that has now changed.  I am convinced that the ones that I had prior to being here- weren't ripe.

It's hard to go anywhere right now without seeing women peeling mangos, huge overflowing baskets of them ready to delight a customer or some sort of mango special outside of a restaurant.  I've been loving the mango smoothies and sticky rice with mango.

Sticky rice with mango is a very popular Thai dessert but I find it too filling to have after a meal- so have been getting as a mid-day treat.  There are 3 parts to this amazing, yet simple dish.  The sticky (or glutinous) rice, sliced mango and a sweet coconut milk sauce.

I found this funny little video about getting mango sticky rice on the street in Bangkok.  Be sure to watch this guy's expression when he takes a bite!  

Want to make this at home?  Here's a link to  Enjoy!

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