Sunday, July 7, 2013

Surviving the Full Moon Party and the monsoon season in the Andaman Coast

It's been a while since I blogged.  It has been hard for us to carve out the time lately- Southern Thailand is stunning and has us wanting to be out exploring.  But we've worn ourselves out- our back and arms are sore from kayaking and our legs are sore from hiking. Today seemed to be the perfect day to sit and relax in our hostel's coffee shop and catch up on our blogs and hopefully upload photos to Facebook before we leave for China on the 10th (where we will lose access to both sites because of the countries censorship of them).  

My last post was a few weeks ago when we were in Bangkok.  We were blessed to not only see one friend in Bangkok but two!  It had been since Australia that we had last seen friends.  Shane arrived first to Bangkok and gave us a welcoming tour of his neighborhood.  Based right off the Skytrain, the Nana district is packed full of travelers seeking the attention of beautiful Thai women, cheap drinks and exotic foods.  We had heard about Nana from a Malaysian traveler that we had met on the packed Skytrain one day- so we had an inkling of what we were getting into by meeting our friend there.  I claim it as a cultural experience.   

A few pictures to capture the spirit of the evening-